Dedicated to Madison Nicole Tenn (Klaska)?

On May 25, 2006 Madison Nicole Tenn was abducted from the only person on the planet who truly loves her, her daddy. I can say this because I have never in any manner showed Madison any form of harm at all. Shannon on the other hand has worked overtime in her effort to alienate Madison from her daddy. Even though I as Madison’s daddy do not like anyone to harm my little girl, I do at least understand why Shannon behaves in the manner in which she dies. Shannon’s mother Kathy Waseen worked to alienate Shannon and her brother from their father every day. I remember that as one of the first questions I asked Shannon when I met her, ‘ What is your relationship with your real father like?

Dedicated to Madison THE VIDEO:

Shannon pulled out a picture of her father and said, “Look! he is a crazy man!” I asked how she came to that resolve from this one little picture and she said, “Well, look at his eyes, you can tell he is crazy by the face he is making.” Now, it may not have been the most flattering picture, I remember he was looking from the side as if someone had called him to look and the took the picture. However, all Shannon had her entire life was this one picture and of course what her mother had told her, “Your dad is a crazy man, just look at that picture”.

I made it a point that we meet with Shannon’s father and come to our own conclusion. Because Shannon had little to no communication with her father for most of her life I suggested she start by calling him on Father’s day. Unfortunately he did not answer the phone but I made sure that Shannon had also sent him a Father’s Day card. Finally one day Shannon’s father answered the phone and they had a conversation, something they had not had for the majority of their lives.

One call led to another and another and pretty soon they were having regular conversations, now it was time to meet. I remember we went to a little restaurant, just the three of us, it was an early dinner type of meeting. Guess what! Shannon’s dad was not crazy, he may have been a little shy but shy does not crazy make. The man I met was a kind, caring, sensitive human being, not this crazy man from the picture that Shannon had been alienated from for her entire life. I remember actually bringing it up one day that Shannon and I were in court. I knew that Kathy had spent her entire life trying to get Shannon to hate her father and I knew that was all Shannon knew, therefore Shannon and Kathy were more than likely going to work together and try to get Madison the dislike me, her very own father. With this knowledge I said to Judge Thomas Cecil, “It is time to end this cycle.” Judge Cecil is not known for being an intelligent man, he is more of a man who enjoys animosity, his job as a family court judge is perfect for him. He actually enjoys creating and encouraging more fighting between what is already warring couples. With this in mind, he was the perfect judge for Shannon…

Madison Nicole Tenn was abducted by her mother Shannon Dawn Phillips