Videos for Madison

Dedicated to Madison, The video as compiled by a father in Alabama who heard about the abduction and decided to make a video highlighting One Father’s Love for his little girl, Madison Nicole Tenn:

Parental Abduction is no joke:

Child Support Explained
Child Support, the scam that destroys families, abuses children and murders good, fit, willing fathers who take their own lives as a result of child abuse and perjury running rampant in a judicial system only concerned with Dollars, not daddy’s.

The Social Security Act Title IV-D Federal financial incentives go to states to enrich the child support agency, the state, the judges and everyone in between. Hundreds of millions of dollars are give to states to destroy families and alienate children from their fathers.

These are the facts as explained by former CSEA employee and author of the book entitled, “Friend of the Court, Enemy of the Family”. Buy the book, learn the facts!

TRUE child support comes from both parents sharing equally in the lives of their children, spending time reading books, playing games, enjoying family time together, a pizza, riding bikes, playing ball, going to the park, that is what our children want and need.

Instead as many as 85% of our children only see their fathers every other weekend, it is not easy being a part time daddy, especially in a contentious relationship where most often mothers work those other 26 days every month alienating the children from their daddy.

Dedicated to my alienated children, Christopher Joseph, Leesha Dawn and Madison Nicole.
Daddy Loves you no matter what anyone ever tells you!

Madison Nicole Tenn was abducted by her mother Shannon Dawn Phillips